The dictionary definition of gender.

Join the fightback

We are working to build an ecosystem for gender critical activism.

We are here because:

Some of the largest organisations in the world have been ‘cognitively captured’ by the gender ideology. The UK’s NHS talks of sex being ‘assigned at birth’. The United Nations adopted the ‘Yogyakarta Principles’. Those of us who wish to expunge gender ideology from institutions need to get organised. We need Gender Critical people on every influential committee and we need our people to get promoted or recruited to positions of influence in some of the world’s largest organisations. This will require steel, determination, persistence. But it has to be done. Women are losing out, children are being maimed.

In addition, we need to educate politicians, leaders of organisations, the judiciary, the education sector, the health sector and academia.

This is a lot of work. It is time-critical. Let’s co-operate!

Feminist organisations have been leading the way in critiquing gender ideology. It is time to elevate their work to the mainstream. Men should be involved, too. Gender ideology might be a feminist issue; it is also an issue for all mankind.

Much of the work being done in this field can be academic or esoteric, we aim to make the debate accessible to all.

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