There are many ways that you can help. One is to become an armchair activist. This is not the lazy way out: it takes time and commitment. The aim is to work within our democratic system to achieve change. We are articulate, and we have the evidence on our side – this section will help you bring home the arguments to the people who make the decisions.

This is one of the most useful things you can do. Paper letters work well, or letters sent as attachments to emails. Social media can put pressure on some groups. Still, often the transactivists will be able to muster more and noisier people, and the social media accounts of many organisations are run by inexperienced people, who will be immersed in the idea that TWAW and anything else is transphobic. Letters, on the other hand, often work.

Forward to:

Writing to your MP

Contacting ministers

Other elected representatives to contact

The House of Lords

Heads of public bodies – e.g. in the NHS

Complaining to the BBC

What consultations, petitions & fundraisers are on?

Being a conscious consumer – dealing with businesses that have been “Stonewalled.”

Reporting hate crime

Reporting to Prevent

Making an FOI request

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