You are literally killing transpeople rn

  1. How am I killing them? 
  2. The evidence that trans people will kill themselves if they aren’t allowed to transition is scant to non existent.
  3. The evidence that trans people are less prone to suicide after transition is scant to non existent at best, probably contradictory. 

Misgendering doesn’t kill people. Not wanting to sleep with someone you don’t find attractive doesn’t kill people. Not liking someone’s clothing choices doesn’t kill people.  People kill people – and if it comes to that, it is almost always men who kill women and trans people. If someone who identifies as a woman is unable to stand being called “him”, being rejected for sex, or being told their dress doesn’t suit them, they will find it hard to negotiate the world as a woman – women are routinely assaulted, appraised on their sexiness by complete strangers, talked over, and insulted. Suck it up, buttercup. Male entitlement. 

There were some studies that suggested young trans people were more likely to have suicidal ideation than non-trans people. These studies were thoroughly debunked as unscientific, based on a self-selected group. The evidence suggests that after transition many people are as suicidal, or more suicidal, than before. Partly this is because the transition has often been promised and seen as a solution to other problems; many young people don’t understand that they are unlikely to “pass” in their new identity and that they may well find it harder, not easier, to get a partner. 

There are many detransitioners, but of course, Twitter bans them often. You could seek out Watson, who is a great follow (if she isn’t banned again), and of course Keira Bell – you can read more about this heroic young woman here. There are also those on Twitter with gender dysphoria but who haven’t transitioned. Consider giving Lauren Black a follow, for instance.

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