Trans people are the most oppressed group in the world

  1. Big claim – prove it please. 
  2. Remind me, when did transwomen get the vote? 
  3. White men deciding that they are the most oppressed on the basis of nothing except an idea in their heads doesn’t seem very progressive. 

Trans people, from a standing start, now have a US government member, laws changed around the world, and have made their way into almost all areas where women had gained protection. Language is changed for them. They were advised by the world’s largest law firm on how to be stealthy. They have taken over Stonewall, formerly a gay rights organisation, and dominate the “pride” celebrations. Lesbians are subject to the cotton ceiling, told they are transphobic for not wanting “ladydick”, and gay men don’t get it much better. People opposing trans ideology are sacked, de-platformed, and assaulted & threatened regularly. Parents who oppose their child transitioning can lose their child or be imprisoned

Meanwhile, the most oppressed people are almost certainly the women of the Global South – female fetuses being aborted in their millions, women in period huts, girls undergoing forced marriage, honour killings and FGM. In the UK, women are more likely to be assaulted than transwomen, and Black & neurodiverse people suffer prejudice. Furthermore, women, Black people and the neurodiverse cannot identify out of their oppression – why are men allowed to identify into it? 

To sum up: here is why women are oppressed. If transpeople think they have it worse, bear in mind that they had agency in becoming trans. Women get no choice. 

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