Transwomen “feel like women”

  1. Really? What is that feeling? 
  2. How can I know how anyone else feels? I only know how I feel. Do you think you know what I feel like?
  3. Do you think all women feel the same? 

I have no idea how other women feel. I have no idea how Marie Antoinette or Queen Victoria, or Lucy the prehistoric woman felt. I don’t know how you feel. The women I know best, my mum and my sister – I don’t know what it is like inside their minds. I don’t even know if I feel like I am a woman; I know I am one. And no, I don’t check between my legs every day because sex doesn’t change.

Suggesting all women “feel the same” is colonisation of womanhood by men. I don’t have hobbies in common with all women – I didn’t like dolls, I did like cars and getting muddy, whereas my male cousin liked icing cakes and became a nurse – so what? That wasn’t what made me a girl and now makes me a woman.

What I have in common with every one of the 3.6bn women now on the planet, and the billions who have ever lived, is that I am human, and I have female biology. No man has that. Moreover, a man cannot “feel like a woman”. He can “feel like I should be a woman and I am not” or “feel I shouldn’t be a man, but I am” or “feel I hate being a man”, but those are not feelings that any woman can feel. Man, you only feel like a woman if you’re Shania Twain.

Forward to If you don’t see trans women as women, you don’t see Black women as women.

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