No man is going to change sex just to access women’s spaces! Stop making stuff up.

  1. No-one can change sex anyway. Did you know that gaining access doesn’t require surgery or hormone treatment – in most cases you just need to “identify as trans”
  2. Sex Offenders & paedophiles by definition are transgressive individuals who will do things that others wouldn’t. We know, for instance, that more than half of the trans-identified prisoners in England are sex offenders – a disproportionate rate. This suggests either that trans identifying men ARE more likely to commit sex offences, or that sex offenders are willing to identify as trans in order to access women’s spaces. 
  3. People underestimate the lengths sex offenders will go to in order to access victims. The man who killed Sarah Everard put his career on the line on a number of occasions. We know that priests entered the Church just to gain access to children. In one case a man bought a school to access victims of his paraphilia. 

The crunch point here is that yes, it is improbable a would-be sex offender would be willing to undergo castration as a price of accessing victims – although it is not impossible to imagine that some paedophiles might. However, that isn’t what “being trans” means at all. Mostly it is just saying you are trans.

For many transwomen, the point IS to be transgressively in women’s spaces; the “ladies selfie” is a rite of passage for many autogynephile men. For prisoners, even if they have been prescribed treatment, there is no guarantee they are taking it, even if that mattered. And we KNOW that men are identifying as trans to access women’s spaces because they did – look at Karen White.

So no, we are not saying that all transwomen are rapists. We are saying that would-be rapists will be willing to say they are trans to access women. In fact, it is obvious they will. It’s not gate-keeping. It is safeguarding.

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