Transwomen are uniquely vulnerable to murder & rape

  1. Prove it, with actual stats not an article from Pink News about nasty looks
  2. In the UK, there hasn’t been a murder of a transwoman in years. About 120 women a year are murdered in the UK. 
  3. Worldwide, “transwomen” are at risk, but this reflects their high engagement in the South American sex work trade, where rates of murder are also high for women. Because a lot of “transwomen” are sex workers, a lot of them are killed, but that is a result of their work not their trans status. In the US, as sex workers, they are probably less at risk  than women are. 

The overriding point is that the nature of the crime against trans people and women is very different. Women are attacked by their partners, and the attacks are asymmetric. Trans people tend to be disproportionately attacked because they are disproportionately engaged in sex work.

In any case, why is male violence against other males a problem women are supposed to solve? Women are not men’s support animals. So why can’t men #BeKind? 

Forward to Transwomen should be allowed to be on all-women shortlists/ get women’s prizes/ get scholarships.

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