“Transwomen are Women”

If you have landed here, you probably heard that transwomen are women. You might even believe it yourself. So keep an open mind for five minutes, and we hope to help you see things differently. If you don’t, sorry to have wasted your time! 

Most people think that “transwomen” refers to male-born people who have taken permanent steps to alter their bodies to appear more like women. For example, people assume transwomen are taking sex hormones or having surgery to remove their male genitals. But the overwhelming majority of “transwomen” haven’t taken any steps and don’t intend to. In more than 90% of cases, “transwoman” means a fully intact male who is not on hormone treatment

Less than 1% of transwomen have a Gender Recognition Certificate. You may well think that “transwomen” refers to people who have legally changed their sex via the Gender Recognition Act. Did you know that only about 5000 “Gender Recognition Certificates” have been granted so far – and yet there are about 500,000 people said to be trans in the UK?  

To be called a transwoman, a man doesn’t even need to shave or change his clothes. Many transwomen say that they are women, but they “choose not to transition” their bodies. For example, one well-known transwoman claims to be “expanding the bandwidth of what it is to be a woman” by presenting with a full beard in female clothes. Others don’t even change their clothes.

Being a woman is not just a feeling – you can read more about it here. But across the world, men are defining themselves as women. As a result, women are being moved sideways by men who say they are women and pushed out of sport, literature, university panels, business, political parties, and many more things. If “women” can include men who claim to be women, how can women measure whether they are being discriminated against? 

What’s more, men are declaring that they are women when they are arrested for sex offences. It has happened many times this year. This not only means that statistics are skewed. It also means that victims of sex offences have to call their rapist “she” in court, adding to their trauma.

We are not saying that transwomen are dangerous or are all sex offenders. We are saying that if any man can call themselves a woman, sex offenders will do so, in order to access women and girls where they used to feel safe. Our legal system depends on sex-based separation for safeguarding reasons.

If “transwomen are women” takes hold, any man can declare that he is a woman, and no one will be able to object to his presence in women’s changing rooms, dating agencies, hospitals, refuges, and prisons. People who stand up to this have been subject to verbal and physical attacks, silenced and sacked. People who question this are often called “transphobic” and have hate crimes recorded against us – even though this is a safeguarding issue. People are fighting this ideology. We are not bigots – many of us are long-time proponents of gay rights.

Please consider reading on & joining us. 

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