GRARG meeting 29th October 2020

Thanks to all who attended and shared their stories. We remain open to all.

The next meeting is 12 November 2020 8pm

We found ourselves with renewed focus after the announcement of two important consulations:

Toilet provision for men and women


We agreed to meet again on 12th November in order to discuss our progress. We agreed it would be sensible to respond via a ‘general’ GRARG response to point out :

  • the inherent problems caused by lack of defined terms within the consultation – what is meant by ‘trans’ for e.g
  • the inherent problems caused by the conflation of sex and gender

And that individuals would make their own responses to those questions that particularly interested them.

There was a lot of helpful guidance on Twitter about how to make submissions and the official Government guidance is here.

Key points

  • It’s not a numbers game – this is about evidence.
  • Set out who you are
  • Keep it short – about 3,000 words
  • Don’t submit already published material but draw from it
  • Number your paragraphs!
  • Don’t comment on matters currently before the court
  • Don’t publish your submissions separately

Very grateful thanks to the Gender Crit for setting us up with a Slack account, which is already seeing a lot of discussion and questions.

And don’t forget our Manifesto is now in living colour! We have 93 signatures now – it would be great to get this up to 100 by November 27th.

When the consultation period is over we will return to examining our MPs spreadsheet and the best way to communicate with those who are ‘unsure’.

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