GRARG Going forward. MEETING 18th MARCH 2021 8pm

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We need to make sure we are complimenting and not duplicating the work of other groups which are challenging the harmful conflation of ‘sex’ and ‘gender’ in official policies, advice and legistation. 

This may cause some tension when contacting other groups, as the fundamental founding principle of GRARG is that we work entirely openly, to show that there is nothing illicit or shameful about discussing issues around reform or repeal to the Gender Recognition Act – this is protected political speech. But we appreciate that many other groups and individuals may have strong reasons for anonymity given the sadly real and serious  consequences that can flow from expressing public opinions in this area. This may limit the extent to which GRARG can work with others. 

However, GRARG does need a focus for its continued existence. The overarching aim is to end the conflation between ‘sex’ and’gender’ which is so clearly damaging in the Gender Recognition Act. We need to identify specific proposals for projects which support this over arching aim, but which are measurable and achievable and thus enable people to feel involved, interested and productive. 

We have done some work in attempting to identify which Members of Parliament are educated about the seriousness of the conflation between sex and gender and how we can reach those MPs who are ‘unsure’ or confused. 

We will contact @labwomendec, @CforWomenUK and  @LibVoice4Women to make sure we not duplicating any of their proposals and will offer what help we can. 

We need to make meetings more focused; one hour maximum with 40 minutes on policy development and action, 20 minutes for general ranting and letting off steam. 

Agenda items for 19th March

What’s been the follow up on Penny Mordaunt? Should we write more letters? Who to? Those who.’ve had a response. What did it say? 

Conversion Therapy? What can we do at grass roots level? Beyond writing to MP’s. Those who have issues reaching MP’s. What tips can we share about forcing engagement? We know C for Women wrote a complaint letter to BBC. Should we become more aggressive with the press, i.e., writing complaints letters where their headlines are incorrect, articles misleading, not providing enough balance, misleading the public, conflating gender & sex jargon, which prevents public awareness engagement with the policy capture issues? 

Shelters- With local elections coming up, we really have a chance to put some pressure on councillors & find out their positions on this. Don’t forget, a lot of politics is conducted at the local level. 

Ian Diamond & ONS – Seeking accountability. Who’s in charge of ONS? What steps are being taken to ensure ONS does it job & this won’t happen again. They gave out the right guidance in the end, but it should never have got to this point. And their tacit encouragement as a public institution, has only encouraged & emboldened the often illegal manoeuvres of the TRA camp.

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