Children and gender identity

Issues around education and medical treatment. Some useful resources and commentary Briefings from Transgender Trend Child-on-child sexual abuse in Marcus Evans, former Director at the NHS Tavistock and Portman Susan Evans, phycologist and former nurse at the NHS Gender Identity Development Service (GIDS). Her request for a judicial Kirsty Entwhistle,Continue reading “Children and gender identity”


The law and its development Legal commentary Development of the law regarding gender ID in the European Court Home Office Report of the Interdepartmental Working Group on Transsexual People April 2000 The Forstater Employment Tribunal judgment: a critical appraisal in light of Miller Karon Monaghan February 2020 To sum up: statute and case law recognises aContinue reading “RESOURCES”

The next meeting of the Gender Recognition Act Reform Group – GRARG

15th July 2020 8pm It’s been an eventful few weeks since the meeting on 24th June 2020 – I’ve been banned from Medium for the crime of posting a summary of our first meeting. But happily we have found a new home. We’ve had the shocking spectacle of Google joining forces with Stonewall and GenderedContinue reading “The next meeting of the Gender Recognition Act Reform Group – GRARG”

Brainstorming the Gender Recognition Act

What is the GRA and why does it need to change? The Gender Recognition Act ‘Where a full gender recognition certificate is issued to a person, the person’s gender becomes for all purposes the acquired gender (so that, if the acquired gender is the male gender, the person’s sex becomes that of a man and,Continue reading “Brainstorming the Gender Recognition Act”