Common abbreviations you might read

AGP: Autogynephile

AHF: Adult Human Female

CAIS: Complete androgen insensitivity syndrome

DSD: Difference (or Disorder) of Sexual Development (“Intersex”)

GC: Gender Critical 

GD: Gender Dysphoria

GIC: Gender Identity Clinic

GIDS: The Gender Identity Service (the UK service for teens with GD, also “The Tavistock”)

GRA: The Gender Recognition Act 2004

GRC: Gender Recognition Certificate

HRT: Hormone Replacement Therapy, often used by trans people to reference their medication

HS: Homosexual (often as HSTS, homosexual transexual)

MAP: “minor-attracted person”, usually meaning a paedophile, possibly one who only ideates

NB: non-binary

OSIM: Opposite Sex Imitation Medicine

OWAW: “Only Women are Women”

PAIS: Partial androgen insensitivity syndrome

PCOS: Polycystic Ovary Syndrome

TERF: Trans Exclusionary Radical Feminist

TG: transgender

TIF: Trans identifying female (a woman who identifies as trans) 

TIM: Trans identifying male (a man who identifies as trans)

TS: Transsexual

TM: transman (a woman who identifies as a man)

TW: transwoman (a man who identifies as a woman)

TWAW: “transwomen are women”

VSC: Variation of Sexual Characteristics (“Intersex”)

WLW: Women who love women

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