If you don’t see transwomen as women you don’t see Black women as women!

  1. This argument is racist.
  2. Black women are adult human females. “Transwomen” are adult human males. 
  3. Transwomen is NOT an adjective, trans, describing a noun, women. It is a compound word for trans identifying males. “Transwomen” are trans males.  See also our notes on terminology.

This argument continues a racist trope that Black women are less feminine than white women. Women are women, regardless of the colour of their skin. This is, incidentally, the argument that white supremacist conspiracy theorist Alex Jones raised with regard to Michelle Obama, so the person advancing it might like to consider the company they are in.  

Black women are women just as tall women are women, British women are women, old women are women. “Transwomen” are male.

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