Being a woman is about more than genitals/ reproductive system!

  1. Um, yes, of course it is. Every bit of your body is sexed. 
  2. Even so, only women have female reproductive systems
  3. Treating a man like a woman, (e.g. calling him Karen, talking over him and paying him 70% of his usual salary) won’t change his body into that of a woman. 

Humanity is the apex species on the planet (despite how it looks these days). We achieved this by, among other things, standing upright and having enormous brains with very well developed language; by comparison with most mammals, getting a live human through infancy is a heck of a feat. 

Humans have big heads, and women’s pelvises have evolved to be wider as a result – much wider, and they would barely be able to walk upright at all. Women’s joints are more flexible (but therefore weaker) to enable the frame to expand to accommodate a child. Our young are born helpless, compared with other mammals, because they cannot get any bigger or they would never get out. Women’s bodies are therefore smaller, proportionately less powerful, and slower, than men’s – because women have a reproductive role without which the species would die out. Women are oppressed as a result of this reproductive system, and denying its importance to women and humanity is an act of patriarchal oppression. 

The female endocrine system (in all mammals) is hugely complex (and surprisingly varied and poorly understood) to support making a baby. Women have also developed to fulfil the role of getting their child through the first years of life, not only by breastfeeding but by specialising in nurture – one tiny example is that women see colour better, possibly to equip them for better spotting ailments and poisonous plants. 

The fact is that whether or not, as a woman, you have children, your amazing biology has evolved to allow humans to be the apex species. Of course, that does NOT mean that all women can, or should, have children, or that is all women are good for, but it does mean that biology is engrained in every fibre of women’s being and cannot be transed into or out of existence.

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