How to protect your Twitter account

Quick tips: 

  1. Block trolls. It is worth checking how many tweets they have made compared to how many followers they have. If they are making 100 tweets per follower they are probably a troll. 
  2. Block the “big” Gender Ideology accounts – J Prior & K Montgomery. 
  3. Watch for being put on lists – block people who put you on lists
  4. Check who follows you, if you can (not always possible). Try not to let TRAs slip under the radar. 
  5. If you start getting piled on, lock your account. 

There are superb threads on this here: 

Wayback Machine (

(6) ℓουℓου 🕷❤ on Twitter: “I’d like to talk about Twitter rules. Some are not entirely obvious, and many users fall foul of them. Hopefully, this short thread will help users avoid the rules and is no way intended to replace @garygilligan’s helpful document 😃” / Twitter

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