The Cancelled Cartoonist

Open Right of Reply to the readers of the Morning Star, from political cartoonist Stella Perrett, and to the people who unthinkingly trashed her as ‘transphobic’ on twitter. In view of my case being featured prominently in the Mail on Sunday’s article “What it feels like to be cancelled” on 12 July, I feel it’sContinue reading “The Cancelled Cartoonist”

What is Trans?

…or How Stonewall Literally Denies the Existence of Trans People We see a lot of media coverage of ‘trans issues’, lots of sloganeering like ‘trans lives matter’ and ‘trans rights are human rights’, but what exactly is ‘trans’? What does it mean, really? Stonewall – the UK organisation which started out campaigning for LGB rightsContinue reading “What is Trans?”