So, you’re feeling gender-critical and wondering what to do?

Perhaps you have been “peaked” by one of the stories in the papers about men being called women after committing a sex offence – or maybe it is all about men who identify as women competing in women’s sport? Or perhaps you have been shocked by seeing death threats against women for saying sex is real and matters?

Whatever brought you here, we have things to help you fight this new ideology. We are not “activists” – generally, we don’t go on marches or physical protests. What we DO, is everyday activism. Click the links below for more help.

There are lots of us. You can follow us on Twitter or join us by subscribing to this site, see the ‘Join the Movement’ form.

The basics

Getting into arguments on social media?

Children and transition

Have a friend you want to peak? Try these.

Last Tuesday


Been asked for your pronouns?

  • The legal position
  • Useful tactics

Background information

Groups to follow & subscribe to

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