“Intersex People prove there is a spectrum”

  1. “Intersex” people are not “between sexes”, the proper term is “Differences or Disorders of Sexual Development” (DSDs) or “Variations of Sexual Characteristics” (VSCs). 
  2. All “intersex” people are either male or female, they are not a sub-human mutation made for the benefit of your argument
  3. Some people are born with only one leg or with polydactylism. This does not mean that humans are not a bipedal species with five digits on each limb. 
  4. The plight or even the existence of people with DSDs, a very oppressed group, is not relevant to trans people unless they themselves have DSDs. Stop colonising a marginalised group. (repeat ad nauseum)

“Intersex” disorders are very complex but affect about 100-150 births a year in the UK out of 650,000. Higher figures are often claimed, but these include things such as polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS), a hormonal imbalance experienced exclusively by post-pubertal women.

More information on Differences of Sex Development can be found from the NHS website. Intersex people have repeatedly asked not to be used by trans people to make this argument – and even Stonewall has dropped the “I” from LGBTQ+ – see the intersex entry here. 

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