Trans people have been using women’s bathrooms for years and it has done no harm

  1. Prove it, or that it has happened in large numbers. 
  2. Bathrooms are not the biggest issue, the biggest issue is prison and refuges. but women have always had a right to challenge – doing so now is “transphobic”.
  3. While some transsexuals might have used bathrooms over some time, “self ID” has meant that now any man can say he is a woman, and be allowed entry. 

The key point here is that while, historically, passing & mostly post-operative transwomen have almost certainly used spaces, this has not been in large numbers. The GRA foresaw that trans people would be post-op, few in number (there have been around 5000 GRCs issued altogether), and it was not foreseen that men would be allowed to enter women’s spaces on declaration without some alteration in their physicality. 

Occasionally activists will ask how you would know whether an apparent man in the bathroom wasn’t actually a transman, entitled to be there because of their female sex. Apart from the obvious – that few trans people actually pass – the point is that women need to retain the right to challenge the presence of people who look male in their spaces. This wasn’t a problem before the trans activists started pushing the envelope.

The key point is that the most pressing issue now is NOT transwomen using the bathroom or changing rooms – it is that any man can do so, claiming to be trans, and without making any commitment beyond announcing he is a woman. Women are not allowed to challenge. And they have no way of knowing whether the penis owner in the space is a lovely transwoman or an opportunist sex offender or voyeur getting his jollies. Hence, “The Staniland Question”. 

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