What, are you saying that all transwomen are sex offenders?

  1. No, we are saying some sex offenders will identify as “transwomen“. 
  2. If you privilege a group with access to a target group, sex offenders will try to get into that group. See priests, social workers, charity loving celebs, etc etc. 
  3. The point is it is too easy to claim to be “trans”. What is “trans”? How can you tell?

This is a straw man

Obviously there are decent trans identifying people of both sexes out there. But if all a sex offender has to do to gain access to women and girls in vulnerable places is announce his new pronouns, then of course some will do that. If you get your jollies from showing girls your penis, now it is progressive – and if the girl objects, she is being transphobic. So she will shut up, and maybe just never go to that place again. We know that some men like to put spy cameras in women’s changing rooms, and now it is easier for them. And, of course, some men actually get off on using women’s spaces as part of their AGP paraphilia. If women cannot object, it is a safeguarding problem. If objecting is a hate crime, it is a rapist’s dream.

Forward to trans people have been using women’s bathrooms for years and it has done no harm.

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