What, are you saying infertile/ post-menopausal/ intersex women aren’t women, then?

  1. No, we said “all being well” females will produce those ova.  
  2. Post menopausal women DID produce ova. 
  3. Infertile women are women, by virtue of having female bodies, even if the equipment doesn’t work. 

This argument is a kind of attempt at reductio ad absurdum. However, “only women get pregnant” or “only women menstruate” is not the same as “all women get pregnant” or “all women menstruate” – this is an illogical syllogism. Nature sometimes goes wrong – making a human is an incredibly complex process. However, in 99% of cases, sex is obvious & in every case, it is possible to determine sex. See also “Sex is a Spectrum” and “intersex people & clownfish prove there is a spectrum”. 

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