Transwomen should be allowed to be on all-women shortlists/ get women’s prizes/ get scholarships

  1. Why? Is it because “Transwomen are women”?
  2. “Transwomen” are exactly like women… except for the biology, genetics and socialisation. So not at all. They are no more like women than any other males. Wearing dresses isn’t what makes a woman.
  3. Women fought for and won special rights in things like politics, business, and STEM subjects because they are oppressed by their biology and their socialisation. These are not shared by men who call themselves transwomen. 

Girls learn to be deferential from a young age, partly from observing boys, who are rougher than girls and often more confident, and partly by observing other women as they grow up. In addition, because women are physically weaker than men, they tend to learn to avoid conflict and focus on looking after boys and men.

As a result, women have won some protected rights and rights to positive discrimination in their favour. It is manifestly unfair if those are given to men who haven’t had the oppression to overcome. Maybe these ambitious “transwomen” need to #BeKind and accept this.

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