GRARG meeting 29th October 2020

Thanks to all who attended and shared their stories. We remain open to all. The next meeting is 12 November 2020 8pm We found ourselves with renewed focus after the announcement of two important consulations: Toilet provision for men and women And We agreed to meet again on 12th November in order to discussContinue reading “GRARG meeting 29th October 2020”


The Gender Recognition Act Reform/Repeal Group had its first meeting on 24th June 2020. It was born out of increasing anger and despair at the current state of our public debate – or lack of it – around issues of fundamental importance to women. We wanted to turn those negative emotions into positive action. WeContinue reading “THE GRARG MANIFESTO”

First Draft of the GRARG Manifesto

October 3rd 2020 All comments welcome. Either comment below the post or email EDITS 4th October IN BOLD Comments in italic Thanks to all for your comments. If you made them on Twitter, apologies if they got lost, I may not have captured all. With regard to the ‘self evident’ truths I think weContinue reading “First Draft of the GRARG Manifesto”