Happy Gender WooWoo Day: SPAFFS and Sheroes

Top of the Morning to you my lovely Gender Critical gang, and Happy Gender Woo Woo Day!

Did you know today was #GenderWooWoo Day? 
Last year on May 21st, the much missed witty and delightful Tiffany, the now suspended @Woman4W led a campaign to highlight the risible in gender theory. She called it ‘GenderWooWoo Day’, which resulted in #GenderWooWoo trending for over a day. There have, unsurprisingly, been a surfeit of candidates for ridicule in 2021. But each day is one of absurdity, ignorance and astounding pomposity, as Women, Gay Folks and Teenagers watch discussion of their rights bandied about by those least equipped to do so!

To mark #GenderWooWoo Day this year, GRARG have decided to make some light hearted relief in what can seem an overwhelmingly serious battle, and we are proud to introduce, in conjunction with the fabulously talented @moleatthedoor and @CabsnKings:

The Award for Supercilious Proclamations And Flawed Fallacies (SPAFF). 

The categories for May are: 

Pompous SPAFF of the Month – Jolyon Maugham

Obnoxious SPAFF of the Month – Ash Sarkar

Neanderthal SPAFF of the Month – Steve Wardlaw

Please do head over to @MsGiveZeroFox to participate in our poll as to who wins your GRARG SPAFF of the Month to mark 2021 #GenderWooWoo Day.

“Pompous Spaff” Jolyon Maugham

Our kimono wearing, fox-killing QC “Pompous Spaff” Jolyon Maugham, almost needs no introduction. Although he lapped up the plaudits when he joined the legal fight against Brexit, he arguably began his career abusing the Equalities Act, when he sued for sex discrimination and received compensation after applying for a secretarial post soon after graduating. Some may say Jolyon Maugham has been the bane of feminists everywhere since then. There is no arena in which you’ll find Women discussing their sex based rights and the impact of GenderWoowoo, that you won’t find ‘our Jo’ popping up to endless pontificate and chastise Women (and a few brave GC Men) for having the ovaries and temerity to speak up about their erasure in language, policy and legislation. Starting from his testerical response to JK Rowling’s infamous tweet in support of Maya Forstater, 

“This tweet makes me think, with great sadness and fear, about a person I love, who is trans, and who has the same right to be treated with dignity in the workplace and elsewhere as you and I and indeed @jk_rowling.”

This tax barrister appears to fancy himself a family lawyer, as well as equality and discrimination legal specialist, and you will often find him on Twitter (if he hasn’t blocked you yet for pointing out biological reality and UK Case Law), pompously attempting to set the world to rights in areas of the law he doesn’t understand, or in print, remonstrating with his imagined “tribe” of adult human females for being “extraordinarily stupid and thoughtless and arrogant” and having the audacity to “think they know better [about female lived experiences and sex based rights] and never fucking listen” to a mediocre white male, such as his good self of course.  

Obnoxious Spaff” Ash ‘Gender Neutral Toilets’ Sarkar

Ash ‘Gender Neutral Toilets’ Sarkar once proudly described herself on national television as a Communist, but when she isn’t trying to convert the world to her own personal brand of Maoist philosophies, she’s also moonlighting as a born again Trans activist.

“YOU HAVE A GENDER NEUTRAL TOILET IN YOUR HOUSE” she screamed this week, whilst patently failing to recognise the difference between a single occupancy private toilet and a multiple occupancy public bog

Spewing erroneous facts about polling to her 322k followers and railing about “transphobes”, she’s a vacuous font of misinformation to impressionable young teens about everything in the “Trans debate”, from Gillick competency in relation to puberty blockers to the rights Women as a single Sex class retain under the 2010 Equality Act. A vituperative obscurantist (the less charitable might call our Ash ‘gormless’), her ignorant and braggadacious forays into GenderWooWoo ideology, whilst jaw droppingly outrageous, have long seized to be very funny to UK Women and Mothers everywhere. 

I mean…who can quite forget her absurd proclamation during #MOMABILL that 

Most of the people who give birth are women. But not all.”

“Neanderthal SPAFF” Steve Wardlaw

Baroness Falkner of Margravine interview with the Times last weekend, seemed to ruffle quite a few feathers. The mere fact that she described as “entirely reasonable” for Women to retain the capacity to challenge #GenderWooWoo sent many of our esteemed TRA’s into a right tizzy.

Baroness @KishwerFalkner pointed out, “Someone can believe that people who self identify as a different sex are not the different sex that they self identify,” she said. “A lot of people would find this an entirely reasonable belief.” Up pooped, oops sorry I meant, up popped “Neanderthal SPAFF” Steve Wardlaw. After helpfully characterizing feminists (who do not believe male individuals in possession of XY chromosomes, testes that produce spermatozoa, and a penis, are Women), as “GC loons”, he went on to question “why women are allowed to question trans identity“. 

Like so many He/ Himmers without any skin in the game, Master Wardlaw appears to forget we are in the 21st Century, and Women are allowed to question anything they damn well please. The Stone Age called, Master Wardlaw, it wants it’s favourite “Neanderthal SPAFF” back, not sounding off endlessly on Twitter about Female sex based rights, when Women are more than capable of being credible witnesses to the material reality and lived experiences of having a female body and navigating a male dominated world. 

Having thundered on quite ponderously about his personal  #GenderWooWoo beliefs (Reader – he devoted a whole thread to this), I was astonished to discover our Steve wasn’t a random nobody who believed the female body was a figurement of male imagination, but a respected international business lawyer and prominent gay rights campaigner! It truly is disheartening to discover sometimes how deeply entrenched #GenderWooWoo is, and will make fools out of even supposedly intelligent people.

And yet as always, all hope is not lost. There remain some fantastic women with Ovaries of Steel, providing clarity of thought, refreshing honesty, and a respect for facts that truly does cut through the sewer of #GenderWooWoo. GRARG would like to acknowledge these Sheroes, and today, even as we poke mild fun at the patently ridiculous, the pomposity, the ignorance and the misogyny of #GenderWooWoo, we’d also like to acknowledge our Sheroes of the Month.

First up, is the fantastic: 

Tonia Antoniazzi, the Labour MP for Gower – GRARG Shero of the Month

GRARG first noticed Ms. Antoniazzi when we realised she was one of only 2 Labour MP’s to put their names down for amendments to the MOMA BILL, so that women who underwent the complex and sometimes precarious journey of pregnancy and childbirth would rightfully be acknowledged as “Mothers”.

And again this week Ms. Antoniazzi rose magnificently to the occasion of carrying the baton for Women and Girls. During a debate in the Commons on “Crime and Safe streets for all”, and whilst Labour tried to overcome their appalling treatment of Women and resulting consequence of LabourLosingWomen by introducing an abysmal Green Paper on combatting VAWG, Tonia Antoniazzi stood up and spoke the words women across the country soaked in like a refreshing beverage after a long draught.

“Women make up 3 per cent of the arrests for all sexual offences. The number of women convicted for these crimes is so low that the mis-recording of the sex of the perpetrator skews the data very quickly. Where offence categories are very rarely committed by women, the addition of just one or two people can have a significant impact on data. For example, a biological man convicted of attempted murder and other offences at Birmingham Crown court in 2017 was recorded as female, thus falsely elevating the number of females convicted of attempted murder that year in England and Wales by around 20 per cent. We need to know what action the Government will take to ensure correct police record keeping and prevent the potential corruption of data on crimes and their impact on women and girls.”

For being willing to speak Truth to Power; for daring to join Rosie Duffield on the lonely Labour Benches of knowing Women are Adult Human Females, Ms. Tonia Antoniazzi gets the nod for GRARG Shero of the month. And both the Labour frontbenches, and the current Tory Government should note, as James Kirkup also observes: Tonia Antoniazzi deserves praise for asking those questions. She also deserves answers.

GRARG Shero of the Month: Akua Reindorf

Stop the Clocks! Did you see/hear/read of the Essex Report? The many wonderful Recommendations of the #ReindorfReport? I hadn’t either, prior to this week, but Akua Reindorf’s report, commissioned by the University of Essex to review its external speaker process, amidst complaints of stifling of academic freedoms, is being hailed as a landmark report, which many women and rational people hope will be groundbreaking for the way Reindorf, an equalities and discrimination lawyer, effortlessly uses her legal specialist knowledge and clarity of reasoning to cut through #GenderWooWooand demand respect for the Rule of Law, and for Women as a protected characteristic under the 2010 Equality Act, whilst balancing protections for Trans and non-binary people. 

Ms. Reindorf makes clear that Stonewall does not represent the actual law and organisations should not rely on Stonewall for EDI guidance. Further, she explains quite concisely that given there is a debate about the extent of trans rights, it cannot be a violation of those rights to discuss the extent of those rights (because they are not settled). In precise language that will have the architects of #GenderWooWooreaching for their smelling salts, the barrister from Cloisters Chamberscarefully explains stopping gender critical women from speaking is possibly a violation of an organisation’s Public Sector Equality Duty (PSED) to foster good relations between groups with different protected characteristics, and that stopping GC women from speaking may well be indirect sex discrimination.

Indeed, the Reindorf report is a fantastically thorough and professional report, which includes gem after gem of how to make policy based in a legal framework, not #GenderWooWoo, and as Dr. Jane Clare Jones acknowledges, “Thank the f*&%ing goddess.” Akua Reindorf is an absolutely well-deserved GRARG Shero of the month.

Genderwoo Day Actions:

  • Share this blog post on social media, using the hashtag #GenderWooWoo in memory of @Woman4W. Thank you Tiffany for providing us with so many moments of cutting clarity, with your no BS persona. Twitter may have got rid of you, but you are definitely not forgotten!
  • Take part in our GRARG Poll on @MsGiveZeroFox page, voting for your favourite Supercilious Proclamations And Flawed Fallacies (SPAFF)
  • Will it be: “Pompous Spaff” Jolyon, “Obnoxious Spaff” Ash, or “Neanderthal SPAFF” Steve?
  • Highlight on Social Media your own bizarre encounters with the #GenderWooWoo Gang. We can’t keep all these delightful stories to ourselves. Let the world know!

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