Banning Conversion Therapy Submissions

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The submissions are in! Here we present a selection of the gender critical responses that the UK Government has received.

#1 LGB Alliance

The LGB Alliance submission is notable for being accessible, and human while delivering the main points that the government needs to hear.

#2 Transgender Trend

The Transgender Trend submission is typically thorough. It is very difficult to see if they have left a single stone unturned. Well referenced, it has to be the definitive response.

#3 Our Duty

The gender critical parent support group Our Duty made a submission that is forthright and impassioned. Controversially, Our Duty calls for the closure of gender clinics saying that they are converting children to being transgender, and for the Police and CPS to investigate the harm done to adolescents in the transgender medical experiment.

#4 Sex Not Gender

Taking a lead from its driving philosophy ‘first, it is necessary to define the terms’, the Sex Not Gender submission implores the Government Equalities Office to take an objective approach such that any legislation is not vague. Good and effective legislation will not come about if everyone has different ideas about what it’s all about and what it’s actually trying to ban.

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