#AskYourPCC: The Verdict

So, who to vote for? Based on the data we collated, GRARG have set out our recommendations below along with some selected quotes from their replies to our volunteers. These candidates were clear that VAWG should be a priority and that sex must be respected in reporting of crimes and the treatment of victims.  Unfortunately, givenContinue reading “#AskYourPCC: The Verdict”


UPDATE! #GRARG are pleased to announce we have a Winner! Julian Malins Q.C., Reform Party, Wiltshire takes the coveted #PCCRazzie for the most bizarre or callous comment about women’s sex based rights!  #GRARG hereby bestow this gorgeous statuette in our feature image, and designed by the amazingly talented @moleatthedoor, in recognition of this proud achievement. We trust Mr MallinsContinue reading “#PCCGenderWoo RAZZIES!”

PCC Responses: The Good, The Fence Sitters and the Refuseniks!

GRARG soon came to realize: it’s a truth universally acknowledged that a PCC Candidate in need of your vote, would rather go around the planet 7 times than give a straightforward answer to the conflation of Sex and Gender in criminal statistics and the impact of this distortion on Women and understanding misogyny. Sex not Gender We specificallyContinue reading “PCC Responses: The Good, The Fence Sitters and the Refuseniks!”

On the Police Crime and Commissioner Candidate Trail

The discovery of Sarah Everard’s body on the 10thof March, on a cold London night, as the Scottish Parliament debated the merits of a Hate Crime Bill which left out Sex as an aggravator in criminal offences, shocked and outraged UK citizens and re-sparked a national conversation on just what exactly could be done toContinue reading “On the Police Crime and Commissioner Candidate Trail”

ASK YOUR PCC – Here are the answers

On April 7th 2021 GRARG member ArtlessFeckleblossom posed a question for all the would be Police and Crime Commissioners standing for election on May 6th. Her letter is here. Thanks to the efforts of many volunteers we were able to put these questions to the majority of the candidates across the country. We made itContinue reading “ASK YOUR PCC – Here are the answers”

Police and Crime Commissioners: If you don’t respect my Sex, don’t expect my X

Police and Crime Commissioner elections are coming up. Do you know what your local candidates stand for? Do they, for instance, know the difference between a man and a woman? You can find who your local PCC is here: https://apccs.police.uk/find-your-pcc/ Kick up a fuss on social media using the hashtag #AskYourPCC Here is a letterContinue reading “Police and Crime Commissioners: If you don’t respect my Sex, don’t expect my X”

GRARG Going forward. MEETING 18th MARCH 2021 8pm

Zoom link for meeting We need to make sure we are complimenting and not duplicating the work of other groups which are challenging the harmful conflation of ‘sex’ and ‘gender’ in official policies, advice and legistation.  This may cause some tension when contacting other groups, as the fundamental founding principle of GRARG is that weContinue reading “GRARG Going forward. MEETING 18th MARCH 2021 8pm”

Meeting of GRARG 21st January 2021

Next meeting: FEBRUARY 18th 2021 Time 8pm Zoom link: https://us02web.zoom.us/j/86798717951?pwd=d2kzbnRUZGo1YitKRjJheDFjMy9KQT09 AGENDA Set short and medium term strategy Report on progress at next meeting. End the conflation of ‘sex’ and ‘gender’ in legal/policy/organisation’s documents. If this conflation can be removed, much of the difficulties with the current GRA will go. Members to examine submissions to theContinue reading “Meeting of GRARG 21st January 2021”